Brenda R. Weber

Brenda R. Weber

Provost Professor, Gender Studies

Jean C. Robinson Scholar, Gender Studies

Affiliate Faculty, American Studies

Affiliate Faculty, Center for the Research of Race and Ethnicity in Society

Affiliate Faculty, Cultural Studies

Affiliate Faculty, English

Affiliate Faculty, The Kinsey Institute


  • Ph.D., Miami University (Oxford), 2001

About Brenda R. Weber

My work engages with a wide archive of mostly discredited cultural texts, including non-canonical 19th-century transatlantic women's literature and contemporary media, specifically literature, film, and television. As it relates to these texts I have particular interest in how identity is discursively gendered, constructed, and embodied through written and mediated means, as well as how gender, sex, sexuality, race, and class work together to inform notions of the "normative" self. Celebrity, masculinity, and American religious cultures have become important themes, offering a framework for coherency across the many modalities in which I work.

Selected publications

Weber, Brenda R. Makeover TV: selfhood, citizenship, and celebrity. Durham: Duke University Press, 2009. Print.

Weber, Brenda R. Women and literary celebrity in the nineteenth century: the transatlantic production of fame and gender. Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge, 2016. Print.

Reality Gendervision: Decoding Gender on Transatlantic Reality TV (editor) Duke University Press, 2014.

"Real Moms, Reality Monsters: Transmediated Continuity, Reality Celebrity and the Female Grotesque." Co-authored with Jennifer Jones. Camera Obscura 88.1 (2015).

Weber, Brenda R. “Masculinity, American Modernity, and Body Modification: A Feminist Reading of American Eunuchs.” Signs, vol. 38, no. 3, 2013, pp. 671–694.

“‘I Will Get Domesticated After Awhile:’ Rhetorics of Gender, Class, and Region at the Western Female Seminary, est. 1853.” Feminist Formations (formerly National Women’s Studies Association Journal. 2012.

“Stark Raving Fat: Celebrity, Cellulite, and the Sliding Scale of Sanity.” Feminism & Psychology. 2012.

“Always Lonely: Celebrity, Motherhood, and the Dilemma of Destiny.” PMLA (Publication of the Modern Languages Association). 2012.

“Reality (Celebrity) Check: Fat, Death, and the Aging Female Body.” Celebrity Studies. 2012.

Brenda R. Weber, “Imperialist Projections: Manners, Makeovers, and Models of Nationality,” in Women on screen : feminism and femininity in visual culture. Melanie Waters et al. (Basingstoke New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2011) Print.

Courses taught

G101: Gender, Culture, and Society

G225: Gender, Sexuality, and Popular Culture

H299: Gender, Representation, and Reality TV

H300: Honors Colloquium on the Body

G304: The Construction of Masculinities: A Survey of Manhood in the American Imagination from the 1950s Forward

G310: Representation and the Body

G402: A Fascination with Fame: Gender and the Culture of Celebrity

G485: Gender and Discourse

CS601/AMST620/GS701: Cultural Studies, the Body, and Theories of Embodiment

G602/CS701: The Gendered Politics of Cultural Production and Criticism: Discredited Genres, Unruly Peoples, and Wayward Acts

G603: Contemporary Debates in Feminist Theory

G701/CS701: Gender, Media, and the Politics of Celebrity

G708: Contested Masculinities

G714: Gender, Race, and Media

G780: Gender Studies Professionalism