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We can help members of the media locate experts for interviews on topics related to Gender Studies. Contact for media requests, or call our office at 812-855-0101. 

The IU Newsroom may also be of assistance.

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Justin Garcia

Research Interests
intersections of biology and gender; evolutionary and biocultural models of human behavior; romantic and sexual relationships

Justin Garcia was recently featured in the Washington PostNews-Gazette, on WTIU, and in a Ted talk

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Colin R. Johnson

Colin R. Johnson was recently featured on NBC News

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Jennifer E. Maher

Research Interests
gender and reproductive technology; queering the family; gender and popular culture; reproductive justice; pregnancy/mothering in popular culture

Jennifer E. Maher was recently featured on WFYI.

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Amrita Chakrabarti Myers

Research Interests
black women; African american history; 19th-century U.S.; the old south; social history; race; gender; sexuality and violence; freedom, citizenship, and power

Amrita Chakrabarti Myers was recently featured in the Herald-Times and has served as co-anchor on WFHB.

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Stephanie Sanders

Research Interests
sexual behavior; sexuality, sexual identity, and gender relations; sex differentiation

Stephanie Sanders was recently featured on NBC News.

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