Ph.D. Minor

Ph.D. minor

A Ph.D. minor in Gender Studies complements a wide variety of programs and degrees, due to the transdisciplinary nature of the department. From the humanities to the sciences, policy to the arts, media to education, a Gender Studies minor can enhance your degree as you examine how gender and its intersections affect your field.

As Gender and Women's Studies programs are expanding around the world, adding a Gender Studies minor to your project opens up additional job opportunities to those looking to stay in academia.

A Ph.D. Minor in Gender Studies requires at least four 3-4 credit courses offered by the Department of Gender Studies. At least 1 of these courses must be chosen from the following: G600 Concepts of Gender; G603 Feminist Theories; and G702 Researching Gender Issues.

You may petition for a maximum of one non-Gender Studies graduate-level 3-4 credit course taken in another IU department or transferred from graduate work at another university to be counted towards the minor. The director of graduate studies must deem such a course to have significant Gender Studies content.

Plans for the minor must be made in consultation with the director of graduate studies. At the end of each semester/year, contact the Gender Studies Graduate Secretary by e-mail to update any information pertaining to courses that you have taken toward the minor.


Only grades of B (3.0) and above count for credit


None required. A Gender Studies faculty member may be invited to attend the student’s oral qualifying examination.