Marriage Equality Project

Marriage Equality project

When the US Supreme Court guaranteed the right to marry to same-sex couples, thousands stepped forward and took that legal option. In her experience with archival collections at the Kinsey Institute, professor Stephanie Sanders saw this legal decision as a ground-breaking moment in in the history of sex and gender in American culture.

Knowing the importance of the Kinsey Institute collections in documenting the actual experiences and stories of people living their lives in our society, we felt strongly that this is the time to capture the stories of men and women who have suddenly been recognized, legally, as having the same rights to marriage as heterosexual couples. We don’t want to miss documenting their stories for future historians.

Dr. Stephanie Sanders, Provost Professor of Gender Studies

Video and audio interviews with couples in Indiana are being conducted with partnerships from IU Media School, community organizations (including Bloomington Pride and Spencer Pride), and the Kinsey Institute.

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