AIDS and Behavior

Stephanie A. Sanders, Hill, B.J., Crosby, R.A.
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Questionnaire data from 479 heterosexual men 18–24 years old were analyzed for correlates of CAEP during application (CAEP-Application) and CAEP during penile-vaginal intercourse (CAEP-PVI). Potential correlates were self-efficacy (condom application, product selection, and maintaining arousal), condom perceptions (condom worry/distraction, negative condom perceptions, concerns about application speed), condom fit, and motivation to use condoms. We conclude that 1) experiencing CAEP may become a repeating cycle, both affecting and being affected by, worry and distraction related to losing erections and maintaining arousal while using a condom, 2) poorly fitting condoms may contribute to CAEP, and 3) CAEP may decrease motivation to use condoms.


Sanders, S.A., Hill, B.J., Crosby, R.A. et al. AIDS Behav (2014) 18: 128. doi:10.1007/s10461-013-0422-3