Corey Tatz

Corey Tatz

Graduate Student, 2022 Cohort

Education History

M.G.S., Gender Studies, Memorial University of Newfoundland (St. John's, Canada), 2022

Master's Thesis:  The Ins and Outs of Brojobs across Metro Atlanta and the Southeast, USA

B.A., Theatre and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Goucher College (Baltimore, MD), 2016

About Corey Tatz

Corey hails from Lawrenceville, GA which is a suburb of Atlanta.  He recently completed his Master's of Gender Studies degree at Memorial University of Newfoundland in St. John's, Canada.

His master's thesis, The Ins and Outs of Brojobs across Metro Atlanta and the Southeast, USAhad three components:  a case study; his own autoethnographic work; and the analysis of Doublelist casual encounter ads.  It explored hookup culture across Metro Atlanta and the Southeast among down low and discreet men beginning with an examination of the masc 4 masc subculture where MSM assert their hypermasculinity in an attempt to stay on top of the heteropatriarchy.  He then explored brojobs, how the definition can fluctuate, and participants' past sexual conquests.  Sexual fluidity and identity correlate for some, while it is distinct for others.  Lastly, the secretive nature of the down low and discreet culture are analyzed through means of sexual behaviors.

Corey would like to continue his brojob research while he is at IU.  Additionally, he would like to explore bisexual identities on dating and hook-up applications and how they intersect with broader understandings of masculinity, sexuality, and belonging within Southeastern communities.  His research focuses on the Southeast owing to its diverse population and his familiarity with its ethnographic makeup.

Sex is something that is often considered off limits for discussion, but he thinks it's something that needs to be more central in our discourse.  He wants to explore the taboo of gay sex further, especially in the context of stigmas among sexually fluid MSM.

Selected Awards

Sally Davis Scholarship in Gender Studies Recipient 2021-2022 (Memorial University of Newfoundland)

Fellow of the School of Graduate Studies 2022-2023 (Memorial University of Newfoundland)