Jessany Maldonado

Jessany Maldonado

Graduate Student, 2017 Cohort

About Jessany Maldonado

Jessany Maldonado is from Indianapolis, IN and graduated magna cum laude from Purdue University with a B.S. in Psychological Sciences and a minor in LGBT Studies. She then went to complete her M.A. in Women’s & Gender Studies at the University of Northern Iowa, also graduating magna cum laude. Her master’s thesis, entitled “Afro Culture and Performance within the Bar Space,” examined the complexities of ethnic cultural performance within a space of leisure where three strong themes stood out: community (kinship) development, migration, and rituals of hospitality. From her cumulative experience, she aspires to now study the dynamics of same-sex love and eroticism between Afro women from physical, emotional, and spiritual standpoints. This developing work will also serve as a self-exploratory purpose and will encourage same-sex loving women, through research, to explore what it means to be Afro and women-loving/appreciating in an androcentric, misogynistic society. Last, but not least, she is also interested in pursuing computer programming and hopes to combine her social and technical science interests in the future.

Research Interests

Afro people(s); Afro women; (histories of) sexualities; sexual eroticism; eroticism and fetishism of the self and of the other; heteronormative mirroring in intimate same-sex relationships; bio (psychosocial) physical dynamics of sex; masculinity studies; “queered” (white) male status and privilege in (white) male prostitution; consumed sex(ualities) in the (imagined and real) market place; sexual perversion; androgyny; visual, imagined, and poetic representation of Afro women’s bodies and sexualities; male “fuckboy” promiscuity; sex education; software engineering; programming; social networking practices

Selected Awards

Graduate Scholars Fellowship (Indiana University), 2017

Graduate Assistantship (University of Northern Iowa), 2015-2017

Graduate College Tuition Scholarship (University of Northern Iowa), 2015-2017

Roger Blalock Tuition Scholarship, 2016

Purdue Promise Scholarship (Purdue University), 2011-2015