Sam Kizer

Sam Kizer

Graduate Student, 2017 Cohort

Education History

M.A., Gender and Women’s Studies, Minnesota State University, Mankato, 2016

Master’s Thesis: Representing Autistic Masculinity: Hegemonic Gender Performances in Contemporary Autism Films

B.A., Communication, High Point University, 2014

Concentration: Media and Popular Culture Studies 

Minor: Women’s and Gender Studies

About Sam Kizer

Autistic, gay, chubby, and proud of it all, Sam comes to IU from Fayetteville, North Carolina and is invested in incorporating autistic voices into academic inquiry. In particular, his research centers on autistic sexual desire and he plans to interview autistic folks to develop a greater understanding of their sexualities, resist the medicalization of autism, and advance ways for autistic people to make sense of their identity on their own terms.


2019   Brandt, Jenn and Sam Kizer. “From Street to Tweet: Popular Culture and Feminist Activism.” In Feminist Theory and Pop Culture, 2nd ed., edited by Adrienne Trier-Bieniek, Brill Publishing (revised from first edition published in 2015)

2016    Benham, Jessica L. and James S. Kizer. “Aut-ors of Our Experience: Interrogating Intersections of Autistic Academic Identity.” Telling Ourselves Sideways, Crooked, and Crip, special issue of Canadian Journal of Disability Studies.

2014    “Multimodal Fiction and Mediated Boyhood: The Changing Construction of Contemporary Teenaged Masculinity as a Result of Convergent Storytelling.” Innovation: Journal of Creative and Scholarly Works.

Selected Awards

High Point University Women’s and Gender Studies Program Award for Excellence in Academics and Service, 2014

High Point University Nido R. QubeinSchool of Communication Award for Outstanding Scholarship, 2014