Alyssa Bossenger

Alyssa Bossenger

Graduate Student, 2016 Cohort


M.A., Communication and Culture, Indiana University, 2014.

B.A., Gender and Women's Studies, University of Rochester, 2009.

About Alyssa Bossenger

Alyssa Bossenger is pursuing a dual Ph.D. in Gender Studies and Communication and Culture. Her dissertation will use ethnographic methods to discover how adolescents learn about sex and develop sexual identities and practices, particularly in relationship to digital media. She is interested in the ways that adolescent sexuality serves as a flash point for inculcating and upholding intersecting systems of power such as race, gender, and class.

Courses Taught

CMCL-C121 Public Speaking

ANTH-A122 Interpersonal Communication

CMCL-C203 Gender, Sexuality, and Media

GNDR-G101 Gender, Culture, and Society

Selected Awards

Robert G. Gunderson Award, Department of Communication and Culture, IU, 2014.

Teaching Award for Interpersonal Communication, Department of Communication and Culture, IU, 2015.

Teaching Award for Gender, Sexuality, and the Media, Department of Communication and Culture, IU, 2015.