Hayley Trickey

Hayley Trickey

Graduate Student, 2020 Cohort

About Hayley Trickey

 While attending Indiana University my research focus will center around the socio-cultural aspects, societal consequences, and the politicization of grief. 
Members of every culture experience grief; the implications of grief are far-reaching and include the emotional, physical, social, economic, and personal. I am interested in understanding, from a sociocultural perspective, how contemporary western culture affords and sanctions grief. Specifically, when society is confronted with grief and bereavement in the form of the death of an intimate family member. 

Education History

    A.A      Anthropology & Women's Studies Scottsdale Community College 2015
    B.A      Women & Gender Studies Arizona State University 2018
    B.A      Anthropology Arizona State University 2018
    M.A     Social Justice & Human Rights Arizona State University 2020

Research Interests

Ethnography; Autoethnography; Participatory Action Research; Interpretive Research Methods; Social movements and Protest;  Death Positive Movements; Politicization of Emotions; Carceral State; Feminist Pedagogy.