Issues in Gender Studies: Politics of Gender and Sexuality

G302 — Spring 2023

Min Joo Lee
In Person (P)
Days and Times
MW 9:45 AM - 11:00 AM
Course Description

In this course, we will examine feminist theories regarding romantic and sexual relationships through the use of popular media. We will examine how feminists conceptualize romance and sex at the intersection of race, class, disability, and globalization. As a starting-point, each week, we will examine popular media that depict various forms of romantic and sexual relationships. These media include: The Shape of Water (2017), Moonlight (2016), The Handmaiden (2016), Ex Machina (2014), Twilight (2008), and popular television programs such as Sex and the City. Feminist theories we will discuss in class include those by Bell Hooks, Audre Lorde, and Sara Ahmed.