Themes in Gender Studies: Boobs on the Tube: Women and TV

G205 — Spring 2020

Lauren Savit
LH 316
Days and Times
TR 11:15AM-12:30PM
Course Description

This course will consider the ways in which television teaches us about social identity categories and systems of power, focusing primarily on the dynamic and every-changing category of “women.” Organized around questions of both normative and transgressive gender roles and expressions, this course will examine how issues of representation (both on and off screen), TV industry practices, and feminist waves all contribute to the ways in which television historically shaped and has been shaped our understanding of “women,” and related social identity categories such as race, sexuality, and all of the overlaps therein. By analyzing the messages and norms conveyed in television—and particularly those about feminism and women—we become mindful of how media influences our understanding of the world and people around us. 

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