Topics in Gender Studies: Pregnant Justice: The Fight for Bodily Autonomy

G104 — Spring 2020

Teresa Hoard-Jackson
LH 316
Days and Times
TR 2:30PM-3:45PM
Course Description

Since the 1980s, women of color have formed activist coalitions to protest the lack of equal access to exercise reproductive rights (e.g. birth control access; adequate sexual education; affordable access to the legal right of abortion; and the right to control their reproductive endeavors). This course will introduce students to major themes in the reproductive justice (RJ) movement and how race, gender, and class are mediated through activist discourse, academic literature, and groundbreaking documentaries. Through a series of assignments that involve local communities and activist knowledge, students will imagine a radical future where bodily autonomy and a just vision of reproduction are vital to generational continuance and safety.

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