Themes in Gender Studies: Native American Feminisms

G205 — Fall 2018

Ryan D'Auria-Rousseau
Days and Times
TR 11:15AM-12:30PM
Course Description

This course will serve as an entrée into feminism from the discursive and political space of the margins. Specifically, this seminar introduces students the most critical themes, concepts, and contemporary issues surrounding Native American women and Two-Spirit communities in the United States. Together, we will think about Native American feminism(s) as a situated knowledge, as an analytic, and as praxis. In doing so, we will not be establishing a canon of Indigenous/Native American Feminism, nor will we be explicitly outlining it as a field. Instead, we will read across concepts and debates that lie at the intersections between gender, sexuality, race, and indigeneity; intersections that relate to the body, art & culture, the law, the environment, and the settler nation-state. Through assigned readings and projects, we will consider possibilities for queer and feminist iterations of self-determination and sovereignty in Native America; a project which works against both heteropatriarchy and settler colonialism, two critical terms we will interrogate throughout the semester. This course questions the historical assumption that Native American and Indigenous peoples are vanished from our contemporary present and centers Native perspectives as a way of knowing and learning about the world in which we live. Thinking critically about the material in this course, we will ask what it means to be Native within a settler society through privileging the voices and work of Native women and Two-Spirit communities. Engaging with artistic, academic, and activist work, the community we build in this course will scrutinize systems of settler oppression and build on queer, decolonizing social justice work pertinent to Indigenous communities within and without the United States.

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