Graduate Topics in Gender Studies: Marxism and Gender

G701 — Fall 2019

Maria Bucur
Days and Times
T 9:30AM-12:00PM
Course Description

This course offers an opportunity to examine together three dimensions of the relationship between Marxism and Gender: (1) the initial development of Marxist theories and analysis and their perspectives on gender regimes and gender justice; (2) historical case studies of how Marxism did on the ground in a number of places around the world in the twentieth century, such as East Germany, Chine, and Zambia; and (3) current redeployments of Marxism with gender justice as a focus. These diverse angles allow us to approach our understanding of Marxism in an interdisciplinary context and to test the usefulness of Marxist ideas for gender analysis in a variety of empirical case studies. Course assignments will include short weekly response papers and a couple of longer papers, as well as active participation in class discussions.

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