Huntly P. Brown

Huntly P. Brown

Graduate Student, 2018 Cohort

About Huntly P. Brown

I strive at all times to demonstrate a positive outlook on life. I believe that my positive attitude has been my greatest asset in life. Moreover, this approach to life has developed in me, judicious preoccupations that reflect in my academic, professional and social achievements. This vantage point is filled with a sense of enthusiasm, particularly when I consider questions of social justice. 

As a Teaching Assistant and Doctoral Student at Indiana University, Bloomington, I have had the rewarding experience of sharing in and being a part of the development of knowledge(s). Currently, I am interested in the discourse concerning Anglo-Caribbean sexuality and specifically the treatment of "LGBT" bodies in Jamaica. My research interests and methodological skill sets cultivate and combine a lattice of interdisciplinary ways of knowing. These paradigms provide a context of understanding that illuminates the crucial sites of knowledge and the many centers that must emerge. It is here, in this collective and critical consciousness, where we will be able to address the epistemic issues experienced by Black, Queer, and marginalized voices.

Research Interests

Black Sexual Politics; Black Queer Citizenship; Caribbean Popular & Political Culture